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Jacqueline Horani

Public Speaker, Teacher, & Contracts Attorney

I provide an integrative approach to business consulting and help you to create clear agreements through plain language law.


As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I understand what it's like to launch from scratch, relying on sweat equity and spending hours struggling through a number of decisions, forms and legal questions on your own.


I take my role as a trusted advisor seriously, and provide relationship focused solutions that aim to reduce future legal costs and risks. By offering my services on a sliding scale; I make it actually affordable to get the extra help, perspective, & legal advice you need to grow sustainably.

"My clients are ready for a change; I co-create  tangible solutions that create clarity, deepen their relationships, and improve their organizations"


© Horani, NYC, 2019

How I Can

Help You

Bringing Together Legal & Business Advising
Consider me a business partner for hire, an entrepreneurial lawyer providing hands-on support in the formation of your contracts, policies, and systems, counseling you toward a place of harmony. Efficiently achieve a more sustainable business model, which in turn, allows you to enjoy joyful success. 

"My clients are experts at what they do; I provide insight on how to bring more wholeness, efficiency, and effectiveness to their organizations. By working together, we create solutions that allow you to get back to what you love doing in a sustainable way."

© J. Horani, Thistles in Monet's Garden, Giverny, France 2016