of Hiring a lawyer


When you retain me as your attorney, you'll be asked questions like "How happy were you at your previous job?" and "What causes you difficulties mentally?" as we discuss your path and where you want to go.

Not a typical intake session, huh? I believe that engaging in an exploration of your values is a critical component to advising you on the creation and growth of your company in a way that will be sustainable to you for years to come as well as for the world. 

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As a changemaker,

I Use my position to help people dare to imagine and implement the life they wished they could live, orienting our true selves

to the path of a holistic and sustainable reality.

Jacqueline Horani

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More About Legally Unconventional

Legally Unconventional is the representation for how I approach my career and impact on society. My parents were both entrepreneurs and I grew up from the age of three in my mother's resale store, where I developed my love of business, sustainability, and marketing. From my studies in philosophy, organizational management, sociology, and psychology, to my legal experiences researching and developing strategies for impact, I've applied an integrative perspective in my life and my work. I believe that we all need to nurture our creativity, flexibility, and playfulness so that we can live more fulfilled lives and innovate sustainable solutions.


When I'm not consulting or teaching (I am currently Affiliated Law Faculty @ Quinnipiac University School of Law), I spend much of my time volunteering with the New York City Bar Association (as Secretary & Member of the Senior Lawyer's Committee), tending to my rooftop garden, practicing dance or rollerblading, deepening my self-reflection and integral practices, and building deep friendships with those who are growing bolder

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