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NOTE: Why do we make a big deal of you not providing confidential info in this form? It's just an initial contact form! We don't know who you are, what you're wanting help with, whether we can help you or not, and whether we're already representing someone who is on the other side of your issue! In fact, we don't even know if you're going to end up being a law firm client or one of our consulting clients. That's why it's important for us to run a conflicts check first before you give us any confidential details. What is a conflicts check? It's where we check our past and current clients and cases and projects we're working on with your name, your business's name, and the people you're working with (or who are on the other side) to determine if there might be a conflict that prevents us from being able to represent you. Plus, this is an online form and it is possible a 3rd party could intercept it, so really we ask you to just give us a general idea of what you're interested in seeking help with. We can go over more details if we schedule a call to meet after we run our conflicts check! 

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