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Can You Imagine Your Contracts Being a Wildly Creative Source
of Clarity, Ease, & Pleasure?

Rolling Admission 2023.

1) You can be legally valid while writing in your own

    voice, not legal speak or colonialist 'professionalism'.

2) You can be proactive without sounding defensive 

    in your contracts to protect your business.

3) You can showcase & name what really matters to 

    you to have powerful, successful contracts.

4) You can have wildly visual, creative, fun documents

    and still be seen with respect.

Liberated Together.

Welcome to The Liberate Your Contracts Lab.

  • 2x Live Calls / month

  • Group Coaching

  • Library of Recorded Resources

  • $150 / month

Feeling Some Kind of *Blegh* About Your Contracts (or Lack Thereof)?

  • “I hate my contracts"
  • "The legal system makes me feel gross"
  • "I don’t like the aggressive adversarial language - that's not who I am"
  • "I don’t know where to start"
  • "Thinking about being sued is too scary"
  • "It feels like there's only one option”

Yet You're Ready To Show Up In Your Business:

  • Explicitly,
  • Unapologetically,
  • Authenticly as Yourself,
  • Speaking Truth to Power,
  • Transforming the Way We Work,
  • Modeling Liberation, Disruption, & Pleasure

Together, let’s create a more equitable way of doing business by rooting out exploitation, oppression & patriarchal models from our client/customer agreements and more! Join our community for feminist founders, culture makers, visionary thought leaders & legal rebels.


  • if you are an entrepreneur or are negotiating collaborations with others, have business partnerships, or are hiring people, AND

  • whether or not you have anything you would call a ‘contract’ in your business.

I want to help you access the legal & business strategy information & the underlying ‘why’ of contracts so you can use your own power to transform the way we work.


We meet 2x/month live on zoom where you can screen share what you’re working on, ask questions, or submit questions in advance (useful if you can’t join live!).

Through powerful live group coaching, we’ll help you integrate your voice, your values, & your vision more explicitly into your agreements & increase the user experience for your client journey process!


If you don’t have existing agreements documented, this program will help you start outlining & crafting your own. This program is dedicated to sourcing and expressing your power through:


  • Plain Language,

  • Visual Design, &

  • Clear Expectations


So that you can align in integrity across ALL parts of your business.

All calls are recorded so you have a bank of inspiration ready when

you are!



Untitled design_edited.png

$150/month, subscription program.
You get immediate access to the month's live/recordings that you join for. No year long contract, pause or unsubscribe anytime you need to. I want you to actively use this program & make real change in your life & business.
I’m not here for making money because months go by where you forgot about this so I’ll check in with you 1x/month (versus those subscriptions you sign up to once & never use or hear from again & months go by where you forget to cancel…..speaking from personal experience 😅🤦‍♀️).

This program does NOT include legal advice as I am setting this up to support change makers all around the world. This means I won’t be giving you specific advice on your specific legal rights or risk or situation. That requires an attorney client relationship, which we aren’t creating in this program. (Speaking to a lawyer IS an important part of your business strategy, feel welcome to explore our law firm services here!).

We WILL discuss power dynamics, risk, and opportunity to discover what is at the root of how you want to engage with others. You’ll have a framework to structure the language of your agreements from a place of confidence & connection rather than fear & oppression/exploitation.

And, along the way, my goal for you is that you’ll be integrating more plain language, more visual design, & greater user experience in your business, your website, & your agreements, based on the live workshopping we do in this program.

By seeing each others' contracts, ideas, questions, designs, we not only learn from each other, but gain wildly new perspectives  for how to approach our own work more creatively. This is a POWERFUL space to jumpstart your clarity in your business, access the info you need to start crafting and redesigning your contracts, and experience a liberatory lens of creating agreement with others.

This Might Be For You If:

  • You've got a new group program you're designing or a bunch of ideas for redefining your offerings,

  • You're launching a new website you’re finally not embarrassed to share or are going it without a website at all for now,

  • You’ve had “fix my contracts” on your list for what feels like forever… and now you want a straightforward way to get it sorted that feels good.

  • You still cringe when your new client asks you to explain a section of your terms or contracts to them… you’re just not sure what it means, or what can be edited without undermining the contract.

  • You want your contracts to make your clients feel at ease, not as though by agreeing they're selling their soul or that you have caveats for absolutely everything, making them lose trust in you and what you're offering. 

  • You want to feel clear and confident about your agreements with others, not terrified you’ll end up in court at the first hint of (tension, confusion over what was included, or they’re demanding you do more).

  • You’ve tried the templates, but they still feel like a copy of the generic legal speak you’re trying to get away from.

Ready to
Your Contracts

inside our Laboratory?

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