Beta Launch Begins in February! | Virtual Event

The Vision Planning Collective

*Beta Launch! An intimate small group experience for womxn entrepreneurs to co-create and draft their business plans for 2021. You'll receive a physical copy of the MYPA Planner (My Personal Assistant Planner) which we'll work through in three (2 hour long) co-creative sessions. $250
The Vision Planning Collective

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Beta Launch Begins in February!
Virtual Event

About the event

Join this intimate small group for womxn entrepreneurs in February! This is something I’ve been looking for myself as an entrepreneur, and since discovering my favorite planner, I wanted to share it with as many people as possible to help them get out of their head and sort the details to make their brilliant visions a reality!  However, I only have enough hard copies for 4 other womxn to join! You can find the link to the planner here if you want to grab it yourself, but if you're like me and work better with collaborative support check out this beta launch! I hate marketing that hides the ball on how much it's gonna cost, so here's the price:

This beta launch is $250 & you can choose to add-on an individual 1.5 hour strategy session for an additional $250.

Having this small group format (5 womxn, including myself, because I’ll be planning right alongside you!) helps to create space for us to open up and be vulnerable so we can actually ask the questions we really need answered and not worry about imposter syndrome or feeling like we have to puff ourselves up. Here’s exactly what’s included in this beta offer:
  • I’ll send you a physical copy of Alexa Stearn’s MYPA Planner (the BEST planner out there for entrepreneurs in my opinion!) which will be our guide as we work through the business/marketing/financial worksheets together and develop the habits for using the daily/weekly/monthly planner.
  • You commit to joining three (3) two-hour long co-creative sessions with the small group of five womxn (myself included, as I’ll be working right alongside you!)

The five of us will collective choose the schedule/timing

  • During these sessions, I’ll facilitate us working through the Business/Marketing/Financial planning worksheets within the planner to help get your vision and details out of your head and onto paper.
  • We’ll all have time to write in silence, discuss our blocks & insights, ask questions & get feedback from each other.
  • I’ll also be providing information on the legal basics that come up as we work through the business plan, helping you to understand general legal business concepts/options, know what questions to start asking, and how to look for the professional support you need.

In between co-creative sessions, we’ll be able to check in with each other via email and/or text, so you don’t have another Facebook group or platform to join. This support network, made up of just those in the beta session & myself, will help us all to feel more comfortable being vulnerable, reaching out, and following up with each other as we work through creating our 2021 plan.

  • Also, the small group only lasts for the month of February, unless everyone consents to keep the email chain open, so you won't get inundated with extra emails.

All of the above is included for the $250 to join the beta test

OPTIONAL add-on:
  • When you register or anytime during the beta test, you can choose to add on a one-on-one strategy consulting session with me for $250 where we’ll do a deep dive into your brand review, business strategy, and legal info Q&A.
  • I will only bring this up once during the course because I just want it to be a literal reminder, not a pushy sales tactic.
  • This is an offering to help and support you on your journey, but not a requirement to be a part of this beta test.
There’s no pressure here as the emphasis in this small group is AUTHENTICITY (Shout out to my Reclamation womxn!).

As an attorney, consultant, teacher, and entrepreneur, my work is values-based and focuses on being relational, collaborative, & liberatory (centered around the principles for social change and transformation through education based on consciousness raising and engagement with oppressive forces). I believe that those of us with privilege should use our power to not just raise up others, but break down the barriers between the haves & have nots and disclose the tools, practices, and information that are helping us to succeed. That’s why I’m shifting my work this year to include more workshops, guides, and webinars to get meaningful information into the hands of more people so they can understand the questions to ask, red flags to looks out for, and access tools & resources without having to dig around a lot!

Here’s what you WON’T get in any of this:

Pressure to hire me as your attorney. Seriously, I won’t ask, suggest, cajole, or guilt you.

  • First of all, if you’re not located in New York or Nebraska, I can’t legally be your attorney because I’m not licensed in other states/countries.
  • Second of all, I’m currently teaching a legal clinic this semester and don’t have a lot of free space to take on new legal clients at this time.

Pressure to sign up for any other programs from me.

  • I greatly appreciate your participation as a beta tester and don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, obligated, or hesitant to join or participate fully.
  • Your feedback on the value to you and how to make something like this even better is what I’m offering this for, not a future sale from you.
  • Beta Launch Ticket

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