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"This was a life changing experience! I'm dancing with joy at how it completely shifted my perspective of the world, of all my interactions and can't wait to explore more of this!"

-Vyoma V.

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Jacqueline Horani

Transformative experiences through powerful clarity, Understanding, & Engagement! 

I empower individuals by bringing clarity to the fundamentals of law, business, and collaboration.

Throughout my workshops and speaking platforms, my goal is to take the experience and education my clients receive and spread it across the world, empowering more people with the tools to shift the way they approach contracts and negotiations.

As a frequent speaker, workshop facilitator, and educator around the world, I speak to the value of Conscious Contracts and the belief that we can experience joy when discovering agreement!


From entrepreneurial basics, to my personal journey and story, to creating WE-Spaces through Conscious Contracts my topics and expertise cover a wide range and are tailored to each audience.


What's Happening This Month!

  • Beta Launch Begins in February!
    Virtual Event
    *Beta Launch! An intimate small group experience for womxn entrepreneurs to co-create and draft their business plans for 2021. You'll receive a physical copy of the MYPA Planner (My Personal Assistant Planner) which we'll work through in three (2 hour long) co-creative sessions. $250

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