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The following statements are included in our engagement agreements, setting the foundation for the work we Co-Create together. 

  • We believe that an unconventional approach is required to help support a new shift in our society towards more sustainable, collaborative, and community based practices.

  • We believe that Life is more meaningful when we can laugh together, be passionately engaged in what brings us joy, and deepen our self-reflection and connection to others.

  • It is the goal of Horani Law, PLLC to help support companies and non-profits in creating sustainable communities, including more fulfillment and efficiency for the organization, its members, and its employees.

  • We aim for our communications to be clear, easily understood, and supportive. We expect candid feedback when we are not meeting our goals and ask for open communication from our clients so we can help to clearly support their goals. Life is a constant process of learning, updating, and evolving.

  • We ask that both client and attorney/legal consultant enter into a proposed agreement because they are excited to collaborate and respect each other’s unique perspective. If this is not the case, we wish to create the space to notice, acknowledge, and resolve any hesitance. If a meaningful reason as to why this collaboration may not work is found, we hope both parties do not sign the agreement and are joyful in getting a step closer to pursuing a better match. Finding the right fit for who you work with is an important part of creating a more sustainable society and we hope you’ll consider using this approach in your life.

© J. Horani, Lake Como, 2016