Let's Liberate YOur Contracts

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Visionaries, Change-makers, Entrepreneurs, Partnerships, Organizations, Teams, Relationships, and Communities welcome!

If you have 2 or more people trying to discover agreement and alignment, you may qualify to be part of our Pro Bono clinic!

We Start March 3rd!!

You and your business partner or team are ready to co-create

  • a powerful guiding document to create

    • clarity,

    • vision,

    • clear expectations,

  • and a customized conflict resolution process so you can move through change easily! 

Applications are still open!

(Takes 10-15 minutes)

We invite and welcome people of the global majority to apply!

The Overview:

We start March 3rd through April 20th and clients are expected to participate in weekly meetings of 2-3 hours per week during that time (you'll schedule these meetings with the students).

The time you put in outside of the clinics is completely up to you, we’ve had very self-reflective clients who spend 5-7 hours a week on their own journaling, writing, reviewing, and others who spend 1-2 hours a week outside of meetings.


It all depends how deep you want to take this process, but even those who only spend 1-2 hours a week outside have found this to be a transformative process. 
What is it you’re actually receiving? 
The client groups will get to experience the #ConsciousContracts® process, facilitated by our students, to co-create a foundational agreement for their collaboration/business/project.


You will receive at the end a #plainlanguage, legal-designed document that identifies your guiding Touchstone

and a customized communication and #conflictresolution process.


While the virtual piece of paper is awesome, it’s the process itself that transforms client groups, and allows for conversations to occur that otherwise don’t naturally come up. 
Past clinic clients have said:

“This is the most important document in our business now.”

“We’ve already used our ACED (Addressing Change & Engaging Disagreement) process and it helped us move through the conversations meaningfully and easily.”

"We loved working with the students!!"


The Application takes 10 minutes but can help #shift your work and #transform your #collaborations in just 1.5 months, with results that last!

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Getting Comfortable WIth Canva

I want to share what I've learned with you so you can feel confident and free to creatively explore Canva!  Using Canva has really opened up my creativity, elevated my business, and dramatically improved the work product I produce for my clients! Let's Get You Comfortable with it too!

Here's the details:

  • You can join to access our recordings or join us live for the remaining sessions!

  • We'll have 5 live sessions over 5 weeks where you'll get the chance to interactively practice and learn;

  • All sessions will be recorded, so if you can't attend live or you want to go back and practice or review a skill later, you'll still have access!

  • Remaining live sessions are

    • Fridays February 25th & March 4th from 4-5PM, and 

    • Wednesdays March 9th & 16th from 10-11AM US Eastern time.

  • $333 gets you access to all live sessions and the recordings


For those who want extra support as they learn, I've created this

Q&A access space for an additional $150:

  • You'll get access to a private community space where you can ask any questions you have as we go along;

  • I'll answer all questions throughout the week or during the next live session;

  • You'll get a tutorial on "Loom" (another awesome tool!) and how to record your screen so you can submit your Canva questions as videos showing what you're actually running into as you try something

  • Questions I don't answer live will get a Loom video response so you can actually see what to do instead of just getting a text response.

I know how to relate to my students, adapt to their skill level, and open them up to totally new possibilities! My approach actually helps you go from overwhelm and confusion to clarity and confidence! (instead of being made to feel small and like you're missing something).

I'm all about #AccesstoJustice and I believe that includes access to knowledge.

We have scholarship seats available for #BIPOC individuals (email legallyunconventional@gmail.com to apply)


Recent Interview

Listen in as Cindy Watson & I discuss Practicing with Purpose as a Lawyer. Available on all Podcast Platforms.

Listen on Google Podcasts Here.

I had a great time with Cindy Watson of Practicing with Purpose discussing:

- acknowledging #privilege & aligning with #integrity

#connection#collaboration#impact, and creating meaningful conversations

-the importance of #selfreflection and #wellbeing within the legal industry

-co-creating the first law school clinic in the US teaching the #ConsciousContracts(R) process

-the mindset shift of a #slidingfeescale as a tool to embolden and empower #womenentrepreneurs

-the importance of #supportgroups and #mentorship

#globalperspectives and #accesstojustice

-#transforming the entire outdated law school experience

and MORE!