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Bringing Together Legal & Business Advising
In addition to the below services, I also offer in-depth review & hands-on support for the organization of your business, physical space, & operations to help you more efficiently achieve a sustainable model, which in turn can allow you to channel your passion toward more joyful success. 
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Bring your organization to a new level of sustainability by re-structuring your contracts with trust, clarity, & agility.

We engage in a collaborative co-creative process that will help to incorporate meaningful relationships with your entire supply chain directly into your written agreements.


This practice of designing responsive conflict resolution systems can help you to increase your creative success, reduce the risk of lawsuits, and foster long-term growth. 

Brief Consultations

For when you're not yet ready to take action, but want to know what to keep in mind.


1.5 Hour Session for when you have general questions of what to anticipate for your new business or next shift in your organization. This session can give you an idea of some areas where you may need to hire an attorney, but does not involve any legal advice for your specific situation.

Business Plans

Sometimes it takes some extra help for us to get started on the innovative path we want to pursue. 


Transform your ideas into a formal plan of action that you can bring to investors knowing you've already anticipated legal, financial, and strategic concerns and that your plan is ready for takeoff. 

Incorporation & Entity Selection

Create a strong foundation for your dream venture by understanding the options available for type of entity (corporation, sole proprietorship, benefit corporation, not-for-profit & more), and rest easy knowing you don't need to handle the paperwork & filing requirements if you'd rather focus on your passion & purpose. 

Brand Management

Bringing purpose and clarity to all aspects of your supply chain & consumer engagement.

Our favorite way to work with organizations. Whether you are non-profit, for-profit, business-to-business, wholesale or retail, developing a relationship with your target market as well as your suppliers is essential to having a stable business that can adapt to inevitable change. We review your product or service in detail, how you create it, package it, price it, as well as survey the experiences and associations your customers have with your brand to make sure your decisions are matching your intent. Throughout this process we help you to implement efficient solutions and changes to help you create a more sustainable organization. 

Employee & Organizational Policies

Creating spaces & systems for better ways of working together. 

All of us have yearned for more purposeful workspaces where we are given a supportive path to personal fulfillment and growth. Introducing concepts of Teal self-management, holocracy, & more can transform your workplace into a radically effective system with fewer hours of input needed.

Develop an ethic of mutual trust and assumed

abundance that will help you reduce turnover,

unnecessary meetings, & allow your employees

to bring their whole selves to work.  

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