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The Mini Contract Launchpad.


EVERY service business needs agreements for their clients and collaborators.

Often entrepreneurs outsource their authority to lawyers & legal templates 

and feel totally disempowered (skills we need to know how to navigate because we're going to do them over and over in our businesses. Knowing how to draft is a fundamental biz skill and you need to be in charge of it, even if outsourcing.)

(and then maybe even accidentally perpetuate some status-quo business practices we're totally not aligned with).

Learn from an experienced lawyer how to x,y,z. & get an outline to be vetted by a lawyer in your local community.

Here's a way to do things differently, to be in charge of your own agreements, in total alignment with YOUR values.



2 Hours
of Live Meetings

Learn an ongoing process for crafting agreements, policies, and contracts that:

  • are in alignment with your personal principles,

  • communicate clear expectations with your clients and collaborators, &

  • embody your full self-expression!


The solo entrepreneurs I work with get it. They've been carrying around that fear, anxiety, and avoidance around contracts, not realizing those feelings are a part of the system working perfectly against them. . .


We don't need to wait for perfection, for some perpetually procrastinated point of 'I'll get to that later'.

We can launch ourselves into radical practice, now.


Because extracting ourselves from the patriarchal, colonialist, white supremacist culture is a priority for transforming the way we work.

AND that means shifting away from perfectionism and embracing

messy exploration. This is your guided catalyst:

I'm here to help you go from blah to brilliant.


The Mini Contract Launchpad.

This is for you if:

  • You are a solo entrepreneur and a service provider.

  • You want a cringe-free document that explains:

    • your service process / terms to your clients, OR​

    • an agreement with a potential collaborator, such as co-creating a workshop or a speaker agreement.

  • You don't want to go along with the status quo, you want to express yourself authentically in your business!


  • You want your actions and policies in your business to be in ALIGNMENT with your values!


  • You're ready for outside help & can commit 2 hours in your schedule to launching yourself toward radical action. 


  • Plain Language,

  • Visual Design, &

  • Clear Expectations

Make sure your work with clients is empowered & authentically communicated with contracts coaching and visual information design.

The Mini Contract Launchpad. 

You’ll walk away with greater clarity and confidence on:

  • your work,

  • your process, &

  • how to effectively communicate that to your clients

so you reduce your risks of misalignment and misunderstandings!



2 Hours
of Live Meetings

How The Process Works:

1. Decide you're in for The Mini Contract Launchpad.

2. Review & Sign our contract for this offer.

3. Schedule your sessions (1.5 hours first day, 30 minutes 2-3 days later).

4. Submit your payment easily online to confirm your spot!
5. You'll be invited to a private Dropbox folder where you'll access our handy checklist and mini workbook to make the best use of our time together!

6. We have our first call together via Zoom holding space for your goals, desires, vision, process, voice, & style.

7. Behind the scenes we work our magic to synthesize all that we've gathered for the redesign.

8. We present your launchpad outline PDF & custom Canva template 2-3 days later, either during a live Zoom call or via video recording if you can't make it live. This 30 minute session is chock-full of insight to help you understand how to continue crafting going forward and how to bring this to a local attorney so you can get the most value for your time and money.

"A lot can happen in 30 minutes when you're with a skilled teacher."

  • Everything will be uploaded to your Dropbox folder, which you'll be able to access for at least 30 days. ​

Why I created this offer*:

I've created this offer to help you feel SO much more empowered to use your OWN source of power, not deferring to an external authority.

*I don't want you to be scared to look at or share your contracts.

I want you to feel confident, not only in sharing this with your clients or collaborators, but to give you the energetic boost and creative inspiration to put your work out there!


Past clients have used what we craft in the Mini Contract Launchpad to inspire their update of their website or to craft and launch totally new (and WAYYY more aligned) offers!

The Mini Contract Launchpad is

part of our Legally Unconventional goal to transform 100 contracts to build a library of contract creativity. We want to show others that there is no ONE absolute right way to write a contract; we can all be self-expressed in our communications and agreements with others!

NOTE: We're offering this program at a reduced rate (valued at between $1,500-2,500 full rate fee) as case studies for our contract creativity library. By signing up, you agree to have us publicly showcase the before & after of your document (you get to choose if you want certain details like pricing & names to be anonymized). 

How do I know if I have an agreement:

Most of my clients who come to this process don't even realize they have an agreement process in place and many aren't even using something they would call a contract themselves. There's value here for you too!

  • If you are a service provider selling your service and the customers or clients say yes to an email and submits a payment, or they sign something, yes that counts!

    • I can help you go from an email to creating a contract outline launchpad that helps you clarify what you really want to communicate with your clients.

  • Or, you might be a solo entrepreneur wanting to collaborate with another entrepreneur to launch something together, for example a workshop, then yes that counts too!

    • You and your collaborator would both show up for this process so we can craft a collaborative outline that speaks to the both of you. 

  • You may even already have a contract you downloaded online, or bought in a template package, or borrowed from a friend or mentor, if so that's great and it counts!

    • We'd love to see it and help bring more of YOU into the process and root OUT confusing language that just isn't aligned with how you actually do business. 

What's Included:

You'll leave with a customized, visually designed, plain language document outline PDF & a custom Canva template just for you! 

The Mini Contract Launchpad is a consulting offer for one contract redesign to help you take your existing contract and reimagine it through the lenses of:

  • Plain Language, 

  • Visual Design, &

  • Clear Expectations

My goal is to quickly get you started on reframing the way you form agreements in your business. I'll provide you with a custom outline of your contract, as a launchpad for showing up authentically, creatively, and clearly with your clients. 

What can I bring to get transformed? 

If you have a 0-4 page contract template you're already using, great! 

You'll get at least a 1-3 page launchpad document 


  • If you already have a 5 page or longer contract, we likely won't have time to review and et your insight on each and every clause, but we can do A LOT to transform your contract and create a visually designed template that you can continue customizing and adding in the components we didn't have time to get to.

We call this a launchpad because: 

  • No legal advice is included. 

  • This means that we are not advising you on your rights, responsibilities, liabilities, and risks. We are not reviewing case law for you, or your local statutes, or any laws that may or may not apply to your situation.

    • If you've ever bought a 'template contract package' online, unless that attorney is licensed to practice law in your state and an attorney-client relationship is part of the service, you're not getting specific legal advice there either. The Mini Contract Launchpad offer is about increasing access to legal information, contracts coaching, and user experience design. 


What we ARE doing is helping you transform the document you use to communicate with clients or collaborators (pick one or sign up twice to get both!):

  • in plain language that's self-expressing your voice and values,

  • creating greater clarity for both you and your client/collaborator on what the process is, what’s included/what’s not, and what you want to accomplish, &

  • visually re-designing your information and branding to align with user readability, understanding, and engagement.


The Mini Contract Launchpad.



2 Hours
of Live Meetings

Here's a way to do things differently, to be in charge of your own agreements, in total alignment with YOUR values.

It's time for a refresh.

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